features is easy to use. You can view your crypto-coin accounts on one place, check current balances, get value of coins in Bitcoin and native currencies based on actual exchange rate. gives you control over all your crypto-coin funds.

Everything can be done in 3 simple steps:

1 register your e-mail 2 enter crypto-coin addresses 3 get current balances and valuation

1. registration of e-mail

To register, go to the registration page, and follow these steps:

  1. enter e-mail address as identifier of your account. It can help you also in future when you will forget password.
  2. enter your access password. (twice for control).
  3. enter preferred native currency which will be used for valuation of your crypto-coins.

We won't share your personal information without your consent. When you click "register", you're done.

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2. enter crypto-coin addresses

When you click on "add account" button or after submit of registration form, follow these steps:

  1. enter public address of your crypto-coin account. We recommend to use clipboard copy and paste for this.
  2. enter label when you have more accounts from same crypto-currency.
  3. do not forget to select right crypto-coin currency related to entered public address.

Then click "add account" and account will be added. To close this dialog use "close" button.

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3. get current balances and valuation

You can access coin summary by clicking "my accounts" item in menu. You can do following operations:

  1. on top of the screen you can see summary in Bitcoin value and native currency valuation of all your accounts.
  2. add new account by click on "add account" button.
  3. check for current accounts balances by click on "check balances" menu. However service updates balances and calculate valuation automatically several times per day, you can get present value using thing feature.
  4. by click on "export to Excel" button you can transfer all information to your favorite spreadsheet editor.
  5. to remove account click on this icon on start of public account address.

When you login once, system keeps you logged all the time using pernament cookie to access you summary sheets faster.

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